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The Training

The training will take place over 3 consecutive days, with each day's training typically lasting around 3 to 4 hours depending on the size of the group. 

The training is interactive and presented in a manner so everyone in the group will find it easy to absorb, so that it can be learnt quickly in a relaxed and engaging environment.  I will recap on the subjects that you will be learning throughout the training to refresh your understanding of all the topics that will be covered, it is also possible to arrange working one to one, if your current circumstances will only allow this rather than being in a small group.

During the 3 days we will look at many things including, learning how we can get wired into certain postures, the beliefs that you have formed about the world and what relevance they have now, Neuroplasticity and how you can begin to influence this, The Physical Emergency Response (PER) how the whole body responds to perceived threats whether these are external or internal, and what happens if the PER is unintentionally being re-triggered.  You will learn how to spot when this is occurring and how to start reversing this cycle by using gentle movement, posture and coaching, which will allow you to begin to start to switch off the PER, so that by the end of the first day you will have some of the tools to start making changes immediately.  You will also receive the course client materials and core coaching card to assist you.