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FAQs - Lightning Process
Figures from our own feedback survey show that approximately 76.6%* of people who did the Lightning Process reported good change and improved wellbeing after doing the LP course.
*feedback from a survey of 1297 clients, after day three of the training.
There are a number of factors that seem to influence a participant's success:
a) Finding a practitioner they feel comfortable working with
b) Being well prepared (listening to the audio download, viewed the website and videos available, read testimonials from others who have attended the training
c) Recognising that they have to use the LP tools consistently after seminar has finished

No, the Lightning Process is a training programme and although it is designed with an expert knowledge of osteopathy, NLP and life coaching, it's not the same as these or any other approaches. The Lightning Process is completely unique.

No. A small element of the Lightning Process looks at the consequence of negative thinking, but it's not just positive thinking. That kind of approach would have only very limited success.

No, the Lightning Process training is a short programme, complete in itself. From time-to-time an LP graduate can contact their practitioner for refresher sessions, these can be sometimes included in the LP seminar package. For the vast majority of our clients doing the Lightning Process it is the only course they ever take with us.
We also offer group follow up sessions for graduates of the LP who need a refresher or who want to use the LP in other areas of their lives.
A small number of participants decide that they would like to learn more about NLP and coaching, some of the concepts behind the LP, and so go on to take other training. An even smaller percentage choose to then take the Lightning Process Practitioner Training to become a LP practitioner.

No, the LP does not involve you being hypnotised.

No, the osteopathic elements of the LP are referring to the principles that underpin osteopathy, and in particular the link between the brain and the body and how your posture can affect you.

The have been a number of proofs of concept and feasibility studies completed, also the SMILE trial with the NHS. There is a research page on the Lightning Process main website.

The Lightning Process training with Anthony Roberts costs £750 (in a small group) or £2297 for a one to one or home visit, additional costs may be added if the request is outside of the UK.

We have discussed the role of the Lightning Process within the NHS with a number of NHS consultants, and have taken their advice that for the time being its format and the particular way it looks at language and health, that it is best catered for in a non-medical setting. We are looking at ways, including our work with research groups, and it is hoped that additional research will give the opportunity for the LP to be made available on the NHS at some time in the future.

Previously a number of leading insurers, including Legal and General have paid for their clients to take the LP. However, it is always best to check with your insurer as conditions may vary from policy to policy.

Each practitioner oversees their own fee structure and terms. Please check with your individual practitioner to see if they can help you with this.

No. It might seem like an unusual question, but it does get asked.  The LP helps you to become self-empowered, to regain choice in your life and to make appropriate decisions based on what you want. If brainwashing is defined as someone programming you to respond in a way that they impose on you, removing your own control in your life, then the Lightning Process is quite the reverse.

No. Blame is a concept that has no place within the Lightning Process. If a participant is not getting the results they want, their practitioner will work with them to help discover what is missing and then work with them to find ways to reapply and practice the tools. after identifying any missing elements or areas of stuckness.
Smear Campaign
Due to people reporting achievements in areas were typically there is little success, our research colleagues and the Lightning Process team have been under attack from people who have a differing perspective.

No, this is not true. People taking the LP are free to discuss anything about the course with anyone they wish. The problem that most people find when talking about the course is that it's very difficult to adequately explain in detail, the content of a three-day interactive course, as so much goes on in such a short space of time. We would encourage family and friends to listen to some of Phil Parkers free podcasts or videos, and also read the family and friends page in the LP hand-out for more information on how they can support participants through this journey.

In the last few years, we have had a number of medical professionals observe the LP seminars to become better informed about it, and we welcome journalists and NHS specialists with a genuine interest to come and see the LP for themselves. most of the LP material is in the public domain.

No, this is false. We continue to work with Trading Standards and the ASA to ensure our marketing meets the standards required for our profession, and any suggestions they have made we have actioned.

We are aware that a small group of people have launched an attack on us as a profession and at Phil personally, leading to falsehoods and inaccuracies being spread across the internet, which is incredibly upsetting for all involved. Once again, we encourage people to contact us directly as we are more than willing to discuss their concerns, and address any questions they may have regarding the Lightning Process.

No, A tiny percentage of people (fewer than 1%, from our data in 2010) have taken the Lightning Process to make change and then have gone on to train as a Lightning Process Practitioner. Lightning Process Practitioners have to be members of the LP Register which works much like other professional bodies.

Membership of the LP Register grants the Practitioner a licence to use Phil Parker's copyrighted training materials of the Lightning Process. This ensures that all LP seminars are run to the same high standards throughout the world, independent of where you take your training. Membership responsibilities are laid out in the code of conduct available from Head Office on request. Practitioners do not receive any financial gain from providing information relating to other trainings by the Phil Parker Training Institute