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Transforming Communication (TC)

Transforming Communications (TC) is a training developed by Richard Bolstad to achieve and maintain harmonious relationships over time, alongside teaching how to resolve conflicts in numerous environments. The training provides people with the ability to Identifying which skills work best for which situations that we encounter.
The training is run over 9 half days or 4 full days, and incorporates numerous practical exercises’, some which are taken from real life situations, so that students can practice what they learn in a safe environment, it teaches skills so that clear communications can flourish in the working environment, within organisations, educational establishments, at home within the family, or any situations where additional cooperation is desired, 
The training is research based and draws on various models of successful communications that are elegantly drawn together, all of the learnings are threaded together with an understanding of how we process information using our senses from a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) perspective
This training is run in person or online for groups and organisations.
If you would like to know more about how this could help individuals within your group or organisation, please contact me for additional information.