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What is the Lightning Process? (Next available training dates will be in the second half of 2024)

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Hello and welcome, I am Anthony Roberts, Great Britain's most northerly living Lightning and Rediscovery Process Practitioner, offering the Lightning Process training online in the UK, or in person by the Cumbrian seaside, and only a short distance from the breath-taking scenery of the Lake District national park.

The Phil Parker Lightning Process® is a training course and is designed to assist people who find themselves stuck in life with their wellness or happiness issues, and wish to get their life moving again by applying the Lightning Process to manage their own future, it is an empowering and uniquely innovative way for you to start to learn how to gain a life that you love, the training is designed to be easy to follow and a wide range of people have been trained, with ages ranging between 7 and 87 who had a variety of issues and abilities. As your practitioner I will be happy to discuss any special requirements you may have.

The training course focuses on the science behind how the mind and body interact; during the training you will learn how to utilise the powerful tools of the Lightning Process, allowing you a greater level of influence on the mind-body connection, which will give you the capabilities to start making changes in your life from the first day of the training.

The tools involve gentle movement, meditation-like techniques, coaching and mental exercises. It is not vigorous or physically demanding and can be tailored to meet the capabilities of the trainee.

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